I am a 27-year veteran of the financial services industry covering real estate, financial planning, investments, tax preparation and personal finance coaching.

My early years were spent growing up in a real estate family where I learned the trials and tribulations of real estate investment ownership in the mid 70’s where I got to understand the importance of cash flow in a high inflation environment. After living and traveling in Asia, I spent 17 years in the mortgage banking industry covering the entire fulfillment process from originations to the capital markets as an executive vice president to a $5B regional bank.

After the real estate cycle in 2008, I acquired my series 7 and 66 securities license and spent 6 years at Merrill Lynch where I was the financial planner for our team which had $120 million in assets under management. My goal was to advise clients in their long-term financial planning as opposed to the transactional environment of mortgage banking. One discipline that grabbed my attention during my tenure was the evolving field of Behavioral Finance; why do people do what they do surrounding investing for the future.

The one common denominator in Real Estate and investments that always seem to surface was taxes. This led me to work with a 21-year veteran of the tax preparation industry where I now work with individuals and business owners in the preparation of their income taxes with a focus on tax strategies that help reduce their tax liability.

Becoming intimately involved with my clients first in real estate, then in retirement planning and eventually tax preparation, I discovered the challenges that many of my clients have was not how much money they made, but their relationship with money that determined whether they accumulated wealth.

Through a long history in the financial services industry, I have found that my true value to the community is to help people better understand and repair their relationship with money so that they can achieve their goals and objectives while creating a balanced lifestyle.

I like to keep busy and I am an avid waterman and enjoy surfing, stand-up paddle surfing, swimming, and diving in addition to taking yearly trips to Hokkaido to telemark ski. I feel blessed to lead a balanced lifestyle with coaching and consulting consuming 1/3rd of the year and travel 2/3rd of the year. During the off season you can find me traveling North America in my adventure van, backpacking Pacific Rim countries or even surfing the local breaks here in Honolulu where I get to live my vacation.