WHAT IS FINANCIAL COACHING? Financial coaching is a confidential, judgment-free relationship with a personal finance expert to help you address current and immediate issues and then map out actions needed to accomplish your financial goals.     …..CLICK HERE…..


WHY IS OUR RELATIOINSHIP WITH MONEY IMPORTANT? Money is complicated issue.  In a culture where success is measured by wealth, it’s easy to transpose, our self-worth with our net-worth.  This confusion can fuel….  …..CLICK HERE…..


WHAT ARE MONEY CHALLENGES?  Are you stressed or worry about money? Do you argue about money with your partner?  3 out of 4 Americans say money is the primary source of stress in their lives. This can show up as overspending….     …..CLICK HERE…..


WHAT IS YOUR MONEY STORY?  Our money stories are rooted in our first experiences with money but continue throughout our adult life. This big picture view of our experience is what Bari Tessler refers to as your….  …..CLICK HERE…..

WHAT TOPICS DOES A FINANCIAL COACH COVER? In my Personal finance coaching practice, we’ll cover a lot of ground on both financial and personal topics. Following are some of the key topics that we’ll focus on…   …..CLICK HERE…..


DOES MONEY MAKE YOU HAPPY?  This has been a hotly debated topic in numerous studies over the years. In some ways it can add happiness and in some ways it can’t.  Here are 4 reason’s why it can’t make you happy.    …..CLICK HERE…..


WHAT ARE YOUR CORE VALUES? When I cam across this whole concept it was staggering to me to think that I had lived most of my entire life not really clear about what MY core values were.  I lived a life….   …..CLICK HERE…..


WHAT TOOLS DOES A FINANCIAL COACH USE?  For the past 50+ years, I believed myself to be a logical person. Numbers always came easy to me (fitting the Asian stereotype, but it wasn’t until I discovered Microsoft Excel that my world changed I thought I could live my life. …..CLICK HERE…..

IS FINANCIAL COACHING FOR YOU?  Financial coaching is ideal for people who have realized that their financial situation isn’t quite in the place where they know it should be,  …..CLICK HERE…..


5 TIPS TO HIRING A FINANCIAL COACH. 1) Check Qualifications, 2) Skills and Experience, 3) Are You  Comfortable with him/her, 4) Testimonials and References, and 5) How Does Your Coach Get Paid. …..CLICK HERE…..