What are your Core Values?

When I cam across this whole concept it was staggering to me to think that I had lived most of my entire life not really clear about what MY core values were.  I lived a life I thought I was supposed to live…. after all, this is what everyone else was doing.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been an incredibly fruitful work life, but there were A LOT of tradeoffs along the way….. many of those tradeoffs I was not even aware of until later in life.

The Core Values process is designed to lay a foundation of thought about what words (and in turn visuals) best reflect who we are as a person.  More than just what’s important to you, the challenge is to come up with a handful of words and definitions that begin to talk to who you are as a person. We leverage the questions asked in the initial questionnaires around your first experience with money.  It’s a simple drill down exercise resulting in a handful of words and definitions that YOU come up that best speaks to who you are.

It’s these core values we then leverage to adjust our behavior towards healthier financial habits, becoming a conscious consumer, and creating plan around your long-term goals and objectives.

It’s a process that should constantly be revisited as your values will change and evolve over time. “Change is guaranteed, progress is not”. E

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